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CENTER UPDATE: Moving into Phase 3 on July 1. Please review our Phase 3 Guidelines.

Thank you for your continued support of our center and team.
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Kidz Klub

Our qualified and caring staff is dedicated to providing a safe and engaging environment where children can play, learn, and have fun while you enjoy your workout. Please be thoughtful and observe the guidelines below to ensure us the opportunity to provide quality care for your child. If you have any questions, please feel free to call (540) 564-5684.

Monday–Thursday – 8:15AM-1:30PM; 4PM-8PM
Friday – 8:15AM-1:30PM; 4PM-6:30PM
Saturday – 8:15AM-1PM
Sunday – Closed

Cost is included in our “One Parent” and “Family” memberships. There is a fee of $5.00 an hour for each nonmember child.

Our staff is CPR and AED certified and trained to conduct age-specific activities with children ages 6 weeks to 13 years.

Time Limit & Late Pick-up Fees

There is a 2 hour combined time limit per visit. The staff will allow for a 5-minute grace period before a $5 per child late fee is charged. In addition to the $5 late fee, each additional minute late will accrue $1 per child. The staff uses the clock in Kidz Klub to determine the time.

Rules & Regulations

Bottle Feeding
We are not able to guarantee feedings at specific times. We will do everything we can to meet your baby’s needs, but please understand that when things get busy, it might not be possible to give the one-on-one attention required for bottle feeding. If you are concerned about your baby being on a specific schedule, please return to Kidz Klub to feed your child.

We ask that you feed your child before you check them into Kidz Klub. Drinks must be in a spill-proof cup. Due to severe allergies, we do not allow snacks in Kidz Klub. Please be mindful that certain gum can pose a choking hazard. Please avoid bringing these items into the facility.

Please have your child dressed and prepared for physical activity and outdoor play. Play clothes that allow for freedom of movement are most appropriate…and consider too, that paint, playdough, markers and chalk are commonly used in Kidz Klub. Athletic shoes are recommended.

Illness Policy
For the safety and well being of all the children, please do not bring your child to Kidz Klub when he/she is ill. If your child shows signs of illness during their stay, we will ask that you remove him/her from our care immediately.

Behavior & Special Needs
We hope to meet the needs of every child; however it may be necessary to assess the needs of the child on a case by case basis. Behaviors such as hitting, biting, tackling, foul language, and continuous disrespect will be dealt with immediately. The child will be isolated in a time-out and the incident will be reported to the parent. We reserve the right to release a child to the parent for unacceptable or disruptive behavior. We are aware that children will sometimes cry until they are comfortable with a new environment and familiar with staff. If we feel we cannot comfort your child, we will ask that you return to Kidz Klub.

Infant Supplies
Children should be in a clean, dry, disposable diaper when dropped off. Cloth diapers are not permitted due to sanitary regulations. Please provide diapers and a change of clothes. For your convenience, we provide storage for extra diapers and clothing.

Personal Items
Please discourage your child from bringing personal items from home. We cannot accept responsibility for lost or broken toys. Toys brought in from home can cause friction among other children. Please have your name on all items brought into the center. This includes bottles, pacifiers, cups, diaper bags, backpacks, coats, etc. Items that are left in Kidz Klub will be put in the Lost & Found area in Kidz Klub. Please check with the front desk for any lost items. Unclaimed items will be donated after 30 days.

The safety of the children is most important to us. Parents must sign-in and out when entering and leaving the children’s areas. Your child will be expected to wear a sticker while participating. If someone different is picking up the child, please write this on the sign-in sheet and notify staff.

In case of an emergency involving your child, you will be contacted immediately. Please specify where you can be located on the sign-in sheet. In the case of an evacuation, please exit the building as instructed. Your child will be evacuated to the outdoor track.

Parent Responsibility
Calling ahead helps us anticipate our child to staff ratio. Please call 564-5686. Please communicate any information that would be helpful for our staff to know including allergies, behavioral issues or special concerns. Parent(s) must remain within the facility at all times while children are in our care, with the exception of parents who run outside on the outdoor track or if children are participating in pre-registered programs. Please specify upon check-in where you will be located in the facility on the sign-in sheet, so that we can contact you in the event of an emergency situation.