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Group Fitness

From GENTLE WAVE to BODYPUMP, we have a class to fit your individual style. Break out from the monotony of your typical fitness routine by trying one of our group fitness classes – over 70 classes offered each week! Let our nationally certified staff help you re-energize your workout.

Class Etiquette Guidelines

Participants are asked to follow these guidelines in the interest of courtesy, efficiency, and safety of all:

  • Participants should not enter a class 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time.
  • Please turn your cell phone ringtone off or silence during class to minimize the disruption of all participants.
  • Wear clothing that enhances cooling, prevents skin abrasion, and minimizes friction.
  • Work out at an intensity that is comfortable for your fitness level. Classes are not a competition – please work towards your own personal goals.
  • Respect class participants by keeping chatter down so others can hear the instructor.
  • For safety considerations, classes will be limited based on space and the availability of equipment.
  • Cycling classes are limited to 23 participants.
  • Youth ages 10 and up may participate in classes; however, they must be participating in the class and accompanied by a parent/guardian age 18 or over.
  • Please use wipes and clean equipment after use.
Group Fitness Classes Electronic Schedule