Please review our current guidelines before your first visit with us.

Visits are currently limited to 1 hour per day per child.

Capacity: 15 children per hour. When necessary, we utilize 2 rooms to accommodate social distancing guidelines for child care facilities. Due to limited capacity, child care is open to child members only. We are not able to accommodate child guests at this time.

Reservations are required and may be reserved within 48 hours prior to reservation.

Distancing Practices in Child Care

  • We are distancing children 6 feet apart. Children within the same household will be grouped together for activities and games.

  • We utilize the Kidz Klub room and YES Club room to accommodate the number of children in our care. We utilize our outdoor space when appropriate.

  • Based on number of children and spacing we will determine which room the child(ren) occupy.

  • Please consider cloth face coverings for your child if they are over the age of two and if it is determined that they can reliably wear, remove, and handle masks. • Children, ages 6 and up, will be required to wear mask or cloth face covering.

  • All employees wear cloth face coverings.

Check In/Out

  • Foot markers are positioned at check-in/out every six feet to encourage social distancing while standing in line.

  • Only one parent/guardian should check in/out child.

  • Children and parent temperatures will be taken with a touchless thermometer at check-in by a child care team member. Anyone displaying a temperature of 100.4°F or higher or experiencing signs or symptoms of illness will not be allowed access. Our employees are also temperature screened and screened for illness prior to each shift.

  • Parents should not bring their child(ren) if they or anyone within the household has a low-grade fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, any other signs of illness or contact over the past 14 days with anyone with a respiratory illness or a COVID-19 diagnosis.

  • Parent will sanitize child’s hands at the hand sanitizer station prior to the child entering the area.

  • Children are not permitted to bring outside toys into the Kids’ areas.

  • Parents should bring their children changed with a fresh diaper or pull up. We are not able to provide diaper changes while child is in our care. At this time, our child care team members are asked to limit contact with the children, unless in the event of an emergency. We are not able to change diapers or bottle feed. In the event a parent is asked to enter the room, to change their child’s diaper or feed their infant, a cloth face mask must be worn by all adults when entering the facility or child care areas. Face masks are not required when participating in exercise.

  • Please bring a filled water bottle labeled with your child’s name. Our water fountains are not available during this time. The touch-free water machine is available in the lobby area to fill water bottles prior to entering the child care area.

  • Parent/Guardian must stay on the Wellness Center property while the child is in our care. Please let our child care team member know where you will be in the facility in the event we need to reach you.

  • Select toys and play structures may not be available.

  • Our child care team members will encourage children to practice social distancing and will employ activities that do not require shared materials and encourage social distancing.

  • Child care areas will be cleaned with appropriate sanitizing solutions throughout operational hours and at the conclusion of each day.